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Welcome to my online store! I specialize in capacitors and other parts for vintage radios. Shop online with your credit card, or order by mail with a check or money order. A $15 minimum purchase is required on all orders (excluding shipping charges).

Canadian & foreign customers: My site cannot automatically calculate postage for your location. Please send your order to me first and I will figure the postage cost, which can then be easily added using the "Special Order Items" button.

For additional sale items, visit my Ebay Auctions. Contact me if you can't find something - I may have it in stock.

Featured Items

· Electrolytic Capacitor Special ·

3300 mfd, 25v, radial leads
75¢ each   Item # E3300R25        
20 for $12  Item # E3300R25-20  

Brown AC Line Cord
Nice flexible brown power cord, 8 feet long! Polarized plug with bare tinned leads on the other end. Perfect for most any radio from 1935 onward.
$2.50 ea.Item # BR8AC
9 for $20      Item # BR8AC-9    
Note: Prices reflect a postage charge of 50 per cord due to weight.

Magnavox Lion Sticker
These stickers replicate the early 1920s Magnavox logo used on horn speakers. They were intended to be decals but were made as stickers by mistake! We had the decals in stock but have sold out, so these STICKERS are cheap ...only $3 each! These are neat decorations for your shop, door windows, a binder cover, etc. Each sticker measures 6" x 4". $3 ea., or FREE with any order over $25 - just ask.
Item # MGL1S

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